blood bound

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 Leena Young

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PostSubject: Leena Young   Sat Jun 21, 2014 10:44 am

name . Leena
age . 2 years
gender . female
sexual orientation . undecided

pelt color . russet
iris color . brown
speech . Leena is fairly softly spoken. Her voice is honest, betraying her emotions easily
body type . She is slight of build, with narrow shoulders, a deep chest, a skinny little waist, and long legs.
overall appearance . Leena is delicate in appearance, slim and sleek. Her fur lays neatly over her frame, which is bound in lean, lithe muscle. She has no excess fat on her at all. Her ears and nose are pointed, and this, along with her red coat, give her a fox-like appearance. The soft fur that covers is body is a sandy, reddish color. She is a little bit lighter, a little bit creamier on her legs and her belly, and she has darker bits around her neck and head. Her eyes are a deep, soulful brown, set in dark rings on her face, but beneath lighter streaks set right on her eyebrows. Like her voice, her face is quite expressive, thanks to her eyes and her brow.

personality . Leena is an unintentionally slippery little thing. Her stature makes her unassuming, and her great aptitude for hunting makes her quiet on her feet by instinct. She has a bright, curious mind, but she does not tend to hold very strong opinions. It is not very difficult to sway her into going along with what you want her to do. She’s hesitant to do things that would go badly for her and get her hurt, of course, and sometimes that timid reservedness is difficult to overcome, even with the fluidity of her opinions. Her personality matches her body well – she loves to hunt, to track down her quarry, to run it down over miles of territory. She’s patient, but when the time comes, she’s fast, and she can run forever. When it comes to conflict, she dislikes challenging other wolves, and would rather dance around a fight or bolt than face up to a physical confrontation.
dislikes . very loud noises, being left on her own for long periods of time, confrontation, being the first to eat (which usually is not a problem with her place among others), the bitter cold months
likes . going for runs, whether to travel or to run down an animal, praise from others, peaceful living conditions

rank . Hunter?
pack . n/a
mate . n/a
crush . open
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PostSubject: Re: Leena Young   Sat Jun 21, 2014 1:27 pm


leena will be a hunter. if you'd like (for less confusing circumstances), you may create another account with the name of this character and i will add her into the group; you will play her on that account. if you don't, no worries.
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Leena Young
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