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 blythe casmentali

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PostSubject: blythe casmentali   Thu Jun 19, 2014 7:54 am

name . blythe casmentali
age . three years
gender . female
sexual orientation . bisexual

pelt color . white
iris color . olive
speech . her voice is quite perfect and her tone very naturally alluring.
body type . she has a slender but curvy body structure with underlying muscle.
overall appearance . her fur is a simple, silky, and angelic frosting of ivory sheets that cling tightly to her naturally curvy and yet seemingly fragile frame. This beauty may have a naturally smaller stature and thinner muscle coating, but she certainly can hold her front in battle. Her iris is of an olive colored pigment; contrasted by the perfected white that is her fur.

personality . blythe; the sweet little girl who is morbidly afraid of being alone.  What she had is called Eremophobia; the morbid fear of being alone.  She may look totally normal, but she really isn’t. Blythe is much worse than just an Eremophobic; she is a Paranoid Schizophrenic and has multiple personality disorder.  The voices inside her head tell her what to do; they control poor, mentally defenseless, Blythe. This woman can be quite sweet and playful one day and the next? A very bitter hermit who will not listen to anyone’s reasoning. She has named both her personalities: Blythe and Ixreylia. Blythe is the very bitter hermit and Ixreylia is that personality you’d really probably prefer. Some wolves’ mistake her for two faced, considering how fast her personalities can jump from one another.

As Blythe, this young girl is a huntress; an assassin that will never turn down any offer from any wolf and who will take her killings to any extent. It seems as if she could do anything to anyone without afterthoughts or failure. It is only because she can. Blythe is the perfect kind of killer. She is the kind of killer who disposes of the body in a very peculiar way that no one else really does; she eats most of the body and leaves the rest to rot. Her promise is that there will be no evidence of who killed the victim and that she would always follow through.

On the other hand, as Ixreylia, she is the kind of gal a man could easily fall head-over-heels in love with. She is a pure seductress that does not stray from her daily routines. Her voice is tempting, her body tempting, and her everything seems just so perfect … so pure and untouched. Everything her movements, gestures, etc. tell you is true. Unless of course she is feeling like the temptress she Is, and is just playing with you like a cat and a mouse.

dislikes . she morbidly dreads being left alone; blythe dislikes attention; ixreylia dislikes not getting what she wants
likes . blythe likes to be left alone to her own devices; ixreylia likes to be waited on hand and foot; ixreylia likes to talk to and help people

rank . royal hitman
pack . xx (until that part of the site is finished).
mate . n/a
crush . n/a
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blythe casmentali
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