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 Kyro Haverna

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PostSubject: Kyro Haverna   Sat Jun 21, 2014 10:17 am

name . Kyro
age . 6 years
gender . male
sexual orientation . heterosexual

pelt color . Kyro’s underbelly, throat, legs, and muzzle are a very pale silver color, almost white. As you rise from those areas, his fur gets darker. The darkest color i at the very tip of each piece of hair, and gradually lightens as it gets closer to his body. A small section of the top of his head, the back of his neck, along his shoulders, back, and the topside of his tail are almost slate gray – the dark extreme of his grayscale coloring.
iris color . silver
speech . Due to an old injury, his voice is extremely quiet. However, it’s very gravelly – very rough. Not only is it low in volume, it’s low in pitch and timbre.
body type . Kyro is a rather large wolf (not huge, but on the bigger side of the weight class deemed normal). He is naturally broad-shouldered, but is lean rather than overly muscled.
overall appearance . Kyro is a powerfully built male wolf with thick, even slightly shaggy fur that adds a little bit of bulk to him that doesn’t actually exist as far as muscles go. There’s almost a mane about his neck of the thick, gray fur. He has wide paws, a broad skull, and a muzzle on the blunt side as opposed to sharp. Overall, he is a reasonably handsome wolf, if not the prettiest. Depending on your preferences, the scars that mar his body here and there could detract or perhaps add to his appeal. There are scars on his front legs, his muzzle, his neck (those are much less visible through the fur), and there’s a decent tear out of his left ear.

personality . Kyro is a pretty level guy. He is relatively hard to ruffle, very hard to coax into doing something irrational or ill-planned. As a pup, he was quite a scrapper, always getting into trouble, always getting into fights. He grew out of that though, for the most part, but it taught him how to fight, and how not to fight. Which was well and good, because in defense of food and territory, he went through some serious battles with other males. His scars don’t bother him, but the experiences have made him wiser and slower to act. He is the kind to bide his time, and only strike when he knows he has the right chance – and the right chance always comes along. He is quiet, and usually keeps to himself or just silently participates only in the background. When no one is looking (because they rarely are), he is the kind, however, to help those who cannot help themselves. He is respectful to leadership, a strong independent force among equals, prone to ignore those below him, and gentle with the weak.
dislikes . when people won’t shut up after being asked, leadership that puts others in danger, she-wolves who throw themselves at males, disrespect. He also isn’t hugely fond of water (rain, rivers, etc.)
likes . sitting out at night when everyone else is settling down, hunting by himself (not that he’s much good at it), taking naps during the day in the sunshine, and, you wouldn’t know it from looking at him, but he loves pups.

rank . guard or warrior?
pack . n/a
mate . n/a
crush . n/a
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PostSubject: Re: Kyro Haverna   Sat Jun 21, 2014 10:25 am


Kyro will be added to the guard ranking. write a post in the outlands and wait for a reply. and do not forget to update your username to Kyro!
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Kyro Haverna
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